Macey Irving Bio

Amandla Stenberg as Macey Irving in Sleepy HollowMacey Irving  (Amandla Stenberg)

First Appearance: “Sanctuary”

Backstory: Daughter of Frank and Cynthia Irving. When we meet Macey, she is 13 years old with the highest grades in her class. She was hit by three years earlier by drunk-driver  Gil Everett (Michael Harding) and is confined to a wheelchair. She maintains a plucky attitude.

Recent Developments: A food vendor possessed by the soul-jumping demon Ancitif threatened her soul, Frank fought to protect her and placed Macey and her mother in a safe house. Ancitif ultimately possessed Macey who snapped the neck of Reverend Boland (David Fonteno). Abbie and Ichabod got their hands on a French lantern used by Benjamin Franklin to exorcise demons and freed Macey from the evil spirit. Forensics found DNA on Father Boland’s neck and suspected Macey. To protect her, Frank confessed to the murder.

Likes: Science, Jenny Mills, hot chocolate with peppermint, knitted caps

Dislikes: Being possessed by evil spirits

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