Mary Wells Bio

Ichabod (Tom Mison)  takes Mary Wells' (Heather Lind) hand.Mary Wells (Heather Lind)

First Appearance: “The Weeping Lady

Backstory: Ichabod was promised to Mary when they were children in England. Before he left to fight as a redcoat, it was Ichabod’s understanding that they had mutually agreed to break the engagement. She followed him to America and was vexed to see Ichabod having a conversation with Katrina, who was at that point betrothed to Ichabod’s friend Abraham Van Brunt. Katrina didn’t seem all that happy to see her “just-a-friend” Ichabod with another woman. Crane tried to let Miss Wells down gently. She allegedly sent him a letter letting him out of his obligation and stating that she was returning to London.

Recent Developments:  The spirit of a jilted woman who drowned started targeting women in Ichabod’s life. Before her soul departed for a better place, she pointed to Katrina, who confessed that during a quarrel, Mary tripped over a root and fell to her death. The witch forged the good-bye letter because she was afraid Ichabod would return to London and never come back. Ichabod is disappointed that his wife kept the truth from him, so in a way, Mary got the last laugh.

Likes: Parasols and black lace.

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