Detective Luke Morales Bio

Abbie talks to her ex-boyfriend Luke Morales on the Sleepy Hollow episode "Midnight Ride"Detective Luke Morales (Nicholas Gonzalez)

First Appearance: “Blood Moon.”

Backstory: Abbie’s ex-boyfriend, he was in the 101st Airborne in Iraq. Abbie broke things off when she planned to attend Quantico.

The Ex Files: He began following Abbie around; Possessed by Ancitif, Luke killed fellow officer Devon Jones (Michael Roark). Captain Irving falsely confessed to protect his daughter.

  • Likes: Giving Ichabod side-eye, playing pranks on new members to the force such as bringing a headless horse-crossing sign to the station. (We saw Headless vandalize the sign, so maybe Luke just found it.)Frank Irving frowns as he holds a roadsign altered to depict the headless horseman on Sleepy Hollow


  • Dislikes: Crane’s closeness to Abbie and Ichabod’s role as a history consultant to the police department.
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