The Golem Bio

Sleepy Hollow's Golem (Derek Mears) has stitches where his facial features should be.The Golem (Derek Mears)

First Appearance: In a vision in “The Sin Eater,” full appearance in“The Golem”

Backstory: When Jeremy Crane was flogged by a priest at the orphanage, a drop of his blood fell on the doll that his mother Katrina had given him for protection. His spilled blood brought the doll to life as the Golem, who snapped the priest’s neck. When word spread about Jeremy’s increasing power, he and the Golem were hunted. The creature murdered anyone who came after Jeremy. When the Four Who Speak as One found Jeremy, he refused to give up the Golem, who was his only friend, so the witches imprisoned the creature in purgatory, invoked a hex to stop Jeremy’s heart and buried him.

Recent Developments: When the Golem escaped the netherworld and resumed his murderous ways, The Four Who Speak as One revealed to Ichabod that only Jeremy’s bloodline could stop the creature. The Golem butchered the Four Who Speak as One. When Ichabod was cut by a shard of glass, he faced off with the creature. After acknowledging that the Golem was like a father to Jeremy, he begged the creature to stop killing. The Golem attacked Ichabod who stabbed him and then held the dying Golem’s hand urging him to “Be at peace.”

Distinguishing Features: Stitches where his facial features should be, an animalistic howl

Notable Victims: Historical Society librarian and witch Ms. Hudson (Kathleen York), Father Daniel (Joe Knezevich), The Four Who Speak as One.

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