Lachlan Fredericks Bio

Craig Trow as Lachlan Fredericks on Sleepy HollowLachlan Fredericks (Craig Trow)

First Appearance: “Sanctuary”

Backstory: Lachlan was an abolitionist, warlock and member of Katrina’s coven. His home, Fredericks Manor, provided harbor for former slaves. Abbie’s ancestor Grace Dixon worked at Fredericks Manor as a house matron and when fugitive Katrina showed up, Grace helped deliver the baby, Jeremy. Though Lachlan had employed a hex to protect the property, the spell was breached by Scarecrow, a tree-like creature who was sent by Moloch. Scarecrow impaled Lachlan, killing him.

Recent Developments: Scarecrow continued to haunt the ramshackle Fredericks Manor and attacked billionaire socialite Lena Gilbert, one of Lachlan’s descendants. Katrina’s son Henry aka Jeremy has taken up residence at the manor.

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